Educational Media Design & Technology blog and action plan

Welcome! July 18, 2011

Increasing Student Involvement in the Classroom via Technology

  1. The problem at my school is lack of motivation, lack of classroom involvement and increased absenteeism.
  2. The purpose of my action research is to increase the level of student involvement in my biology class through the use of technology and encouraging Brain-based learning and Multiple Intelligences.
  3. I began by asking what would happen if I could make my class the kind of environment that kids want to come into.  I’m calling this my “Field of Dreams” approach: If I build it, they will come!
  4. I hope to demonstrate how I am improving my practice, as well as how I can contribute to the body of literature by showing how activities that allow students to use multiple intelligences can be used to increase the level of involvement in my class as well as student performance.

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